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A news platform where I discuss the potential dangers of AI, as well as how it can benefit society.

I also interview roboticists & machine learning specialists.

Domain Names


I’m looking to partner with companies to develop these domain names, I may also consider selling them.

AI & Robotics – This could be used for a neural link implant to augment humans, or it could be for Augmented Reality.

BigData.AI – A platform to buy and sell access to privatized big data (Think Federated Learning)

Driven.AI – This could be turned into a platform for robotaxis, or for  autonomous vehicles technology.

Genes.AI – Genomics, gene editing, powered by AI.

HumanX.AI – Another potential platform for augmenting humans with AI.

Nanobots.AI – In the future nanobots will be able to attack any disease vector including coronavirus type infections.

OpenRobot.AI – The vision is to aggregate the AI community to open source an AI platform for robotics.

Think.AI – The creation of fully autonomous AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)



The future of finance will be digital, please submit an offer for the following domain names which are all for sale.


Other domain names:

+ any other domain name which has redirected you to this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we living in a simulation?

I believe that there is some level of probability that we are living in a simulation, but I also believe that it is impossible to properly quantify what that probability is, to attempt to do so is pure fantasy. was designed to offer up-to-date news and showcase the technology behind the lightning network. We believe this technology offers the best possibility of bitcoin scaling.

How long until we see Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?

I believe that 2030 is a reasonable estimate. This will be achieved by using Deep Reinforcement Learning combined with some other AI technologies.

Where are you located?

Our head office is headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. We do business in San Francisco, and Toronto for extended periods of time. Our news writers are international.

What is

This property focuses exclusively on digital securities & security tokens. We feature industry and legislative news, interviews with industry leaders, and token listings.

What are your views on nanobots?

Nanobots will be able to enter the bloodstream to attack disease vectors and cancers. This should arrive by 2025/2026. The blood brain barrier will be the biggest and last challenge to overcome.

What is Unite.AI?

We believe that AI will be as transformative as electricity. This is our news site uniting the AI community. Visit Unite.AI

What are your views on cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is here to stay as a store of value, unfortunately most current cryptocurrencies are junk. We will see stablecoins surge in popularity, and digital securities such as tokenized VC funds will become increasingly popular.

I am receptive to AI partnerships


Please contact me regarding domain names, partnerships, etc.

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