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Antoine Tardif

Antoine Tardif

Entrepreneur | Journalist

My focus is on launching businesses, reporting, and investing in disruptive industries, with a focus on machine learning.


The Future of Brain Machine Interfaces: Symbiotic Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

We will explore what is Intelligence Amplification via brain machine interfaces (BMI), why it matters, and why there may be a future divide between humans who remain unenhanced, and humans who choose to amplify their intelligence by creating a synergetic symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Humans who connect with BMIs will be gifted with enhanced cognitive performance, and increased productivity in the workplace and beyond.

What is Intelligence Amplification?

The concept of Intelligence Amplification was first introduced by William Ross Ashby’s in his groundbreaking book titled Introduction to Cybernetics.

Five Emerging Disruptive Technologies For Entrepreneurs To Observe

While there are endless articles highlighting the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and blockchain, there are other emerging technologies that are often neglected by entrepreneurs. These technologies have the potential to completely disrupt the aerospace, health and manufacturing sectors. In this article, will explore five potential breakthrough technologies and how I believe they will converge.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is more commonly known as 3D printing. While the industry was initially hyped with the promise that 3D printers would become prevalent in people’s homes, the real breakthroughs will result from commercial 3D printers.

Five Machine Learning Algorithms Entrepreneurs Should Understand

Entrepreneurs and investors should take note of how artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting business in every vertical.

As an entrepreneur myself, and the founder of an AI news website, I’ve had a front-row seat to the disruption, and I’d argue that much of it has been achieved by a subfield of AI called machine learning. We define machine learning (ML) as “a method of enabling computers to carry out specific tasks without explicitly coding every line of the algorithms used to accomplish those tasks.”

There are five fields of machine learning that you should be aware of. While some of these may be familiar, others are less commonly known.


5 Best Machine Learning & AI Books of All Time

The world of AI can be intimidating due to the terminology and different machine learning algorithms that are available. After having read over 50 of the most highly recommended books on machine learning, I have compiled my personal list of must read books.

The books that were chosen are based on the types of ideas that are introduced, and how well different concepts such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and genetic algorithms are presented. Most importantly the list is based on the books that best pave the path forward for futurists and researchers towards building provably responsible, and explainable AI.

Artificial General Intelligence How we can Benefit from Advancing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Creating an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the ultimate endpoint for many AI specialists.  An AGI agent could be leveraged to tackle a myriad of the world’s problems. For instance, you could introduce a problem to an AGI agent and the AGI could use deep reinforcement learning combined with its newly introduced emergent consciousness to make real-life decisions.

The difference between an AGI and a regular algorithm is the ability for the AGI to ask itself the important questions. An AGI can formulate the end solution that it wishes to arrive at, simulate hypothetical ways of getting there, and then make an informed decision on which simulated reality best matches the goals that were set.

What the White House’s AI Bill of Rights Means for America & the Rest of the World

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently released a whitepaper called “The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: Making Automated Systems Work for the American People”. This framework was released one year after OSTP announced the launch of a process to develop “a bill of rights for an AI-powered world.”

Recent Articles:


AI & Tech

eMacula® – A game changer in wearable technology, they are working on stylish glasses and contact lens that gives the user a discreet, high performance entertainment and information experience. The patented Enhanced Retina Technologies™ merge the digital and real world, providing an uncompromising augmented and mixed reality experience that goes beyond any available system.

Hyper Sciences –  They are using the power of extreme velocity to radically create better solutions for drilling, tunneling, energy, and transportation. 

Health & Biotech

TeVido Biodevices – TeVido is a privately-held biotechnology company that uses high quality, cutting-edge processing techniques to prepare transplant material – made from a patient’s own living cells- for physicians to use in procedures to restore lost pigment. By creating a centralized processing facility, TeVido removes the need for the physician to staff and build infrastructure themselves.

Cloud DX –  Pushing the boundaries of medical device technology, with smart sensors, ease of use, cloud diagnostics, artificial intelligence and incredible design.

Investing in the Future Together?

Domain Names

I’m looking to partner with companies to develop these domain names, I may also consider selling them.

AI & Robotics – This could be used for a neural link implant to augment humans, or it could be for Augmented Reality.

BigData.AI – A platform to buy and sell access to privatized big data (Think Federated Learning)

Driven.AI – This could be turned into a platform for robotaxis, or for  autonomous vehicles technology.

Genes.AI – Genomics, gene editing, powered by AI.

HumanX.AI – Another potential platform for augmenting humans with AI.

Nanobots.AI – In the future nanobots will be able to attack any disease vector including coronavirus type infections.

OpenRobot.AI – The vision is to aggregate the AI community to open source an AI platform for robotics.

Think.AI – The creation of fully autonomous AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

Genius.AI – Perfect for an AI assistant, or search engine.

Images.AI – This could be perfect for NFTs or a synthetic data marketplace.

Technology.AI – The potential is unlimited.

The future of finance will be digital, please submit an offer for the following domain names which are all for sale.


Other domain names:

+ any other domain name which has redirected you to this website.

Let’s Build a Brand Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we living in a simulation?

I believe that there is some level of probability that we are living in a simulation, but I also believe that it is impossible to properly quantify what that probability is, to attempt to do so is pure fantasy. For more details on my views, please read an article I wrote asking: Are We Living in an AI Simulation?

What are the dangers of AI?

The world is growing more chaotic with our ever-increasing population. To manage the global complexity of this system, and to solve the problems that are associated with environmental degradation, poverty, and social unrest we need to pursue AI. At this point in time the benefits of this technology to assist us far outweigh the potential downsides.

With thing being stated, there is some cause for alarm. What I find most concerning is the ever expanding use of AI surveillance to control the general population by world governments. I elaborated on some of my concerns in this article.

Some other concerns are the unintentional programming in of racist, sexist, or other biases into an AI system. Lastly, we need some type of non-profit entity that can monitor creators of AI, to ensure that no bad policies are in place.

How long until we see Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?

I believe that 2030 is a reasonable estimate. This will be achieved by using Deep Reinforcement Learning combined with some other advanced machine learning technologies.

What is is a property focusing on digital securities which is the future of fintech. We feature industry and legislative news, interviews with industry leaders, and more.

What are your views on the singularity?

There is currently non-linear upward exponential growth in technological progress that is leading us towards a reality that will be nearly indistinguishable from what is commonly recognized as the singularity.

We will achieve capabilities to emulate ourselves in a virtual environment, we will be able to capture our personality, likes and dislikes. Nonetheless, it will be a duplicate copy that is captured on thoughts, and behaviour, it will not be the real you. I do not believe that we will achieve the capabilities for what is commonly associated with transhumanism.

What are your views on nanobots?

Nanobots will be able to enter the bloodstream to attack disease vectors and cancers. This should arrive by 2025/2026. The blood brain barrier will be the biggest and last challenge to overcome.

What is Unite.AI?

I believe that AI offers us our best opportunity to deal with major global devastation such as environmental degradation and pandemics. Unfortunately, it will also be a major cause for concern with surveillance, computer bias, and many more issues. Unite.AI was designed to report on both the problems and the solutions that are associated with AI.

Where can I follow you?

I use Unite.AI as a platform to publish interviews with roboticists, and machine learning specialists. I also often write articles regarding different topics. Click Here to view my author profile.

I am receptive to AI partnerships


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