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Antoine Tardif

Antoine Tardif

Entrepreneur | Journalist

My focus is on launching businesses, reporting, and investing in disruptive industries, with a focus on machine learning.

Domain Names



The future of finances will be digital. Please inquire about the following:,,,,,,

Other domain names:,,, + any other domain name which has redirected you to this website.

I’m looking to partner with companies to develop these domain names, I may also consider selling them.

AI & Robotics – This could be used for a neural link implant to augment humans, or it could be for Augmented Reality.

BigData.AI – A platform to buy and sell access to privatized big data (Think Federated Learning)

Driven.AI – This could be turned into a platform for robotaxis, or for  autonomous vehicles technology.

Genes.AI – Genomics, gene editing, powered by AI.

HumanX.AI – Another potential platform for augmenting humans with AI.

Nanobots.AI – In the future nanobots will beable to attack any disease vector including coronavirus type infections.

OpenRobot.AI – The vision is to aggregate the AI community to open source an AI platform for robotics.

Think.AI – The creation of fully autonomous AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

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